Setting the Tone for the School Year (Elementary)


Embarking on a new academic year can be both exciting and daunting for elementary students and teachers alike.


The "Setting the Social and Emotional Tone for the New School Year" webinar is designed to equip elementary guides with effective strategies to ensure a healthy, collaborative, and engaging learning environment for their young students.


We will delve into the importance of setting the right social and emotional tone from the outset and how it directly impacts students' well-being and explore methods of collaboratively defining guidelines and expectations, serving as an early model for future student collaboration.


Community building and social lessons play a critical role in nurturing students' social development. We'll guide you through techniques for introducing effective communication patterns early, with an emphasis on the use of positive statements, neutral statements, and inquisitive communication rather than directives.


You'll learn how to nurture ownership and responsibility over feelings in children by modeling the use of "I" statements instead of "you" statements. We'll also touch on teaching conflict resolution by facilitating constructive dialogues between students and encouraging group problem-solving strategies.


This webinar will provide you with:

▶︎ Tips for setting a positive social and emotional tone for the new school year

▶︎ Insights into the importance of validating children's feelings and emotions

▶︎ A three-step process for validating a child's feelings

▶︎ Strategies for establishing effective communication patterns early on

▶︎ Techniques for minimizing resistance through positive language and neutral statements

▶︎ Guidelines for initiating conflict resolution in the classroom

▶︎ Understanding the importance of community building and social lessons in the classroom


Join us to get a head start on the upcoming academic year, and set a positive, constructive, and vibrant tone in your classrooms right from the start. 


Best for teachers of the Montessori elementary level (ages 6-12)

Webinar length: 30 minutes 



Letty Rising is an international Montessori consultant. She holds an AMI elementary diploma for ages 6-12 and an M.Ed from Loyola University in Maryland. She has has held positions as Montessori Elementary Teacher, Education Coordinator, and Head of School with several different Montessori communities over the years.  Learn more about Letty.



Q: What happens if I can't attend at the published times?
A: No problem! We will send you a  free replay link as soon as your session ends. 

Q: How long is the webinar?
A: The webinar is approximately 30 minutes.

Q: Can I get a certificate of attendance for this webinar?
A: Certificates for this webinar are available for members of P2P-Elementary. If you are already member, please log in to the members area to find your certificate request form.  If you are not a member, you may join here. Certificates are not available for non-members.

Q: What age group is this applicable for?
A: This is for the Montessori elementary level (ages 6-12). 

Q: Can I ask questions during the webinar?
A: No, we will not be taking questions during this webinar.

Q: Is this appropriate for parents?
A: This presentation is best for a classroom setting.