How to Rotate Your Classroom Materials

Last day to register: Feb 23, 2021

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A simple process to keep your classroom fresh and your students engaged... without losing your mind!


This webinar is brought to you by the Hands-On Kids Activities Club: Monthly resources for busy teachers of 3-6 yr olds


 In This Webinar 

You Will Learn

☑︎ My super-simple process for rotating materials all year long. 

☑︎ How to use the developmental needs of your students as the foundation for your planning process.

☑︎ How to organize and store your "stuff" so rotating materials is as efficient as possible.

☑︎ Practical ideas for setting up your shelves that you can replicate in your own classroom!

 "Seemi's ideas have absolutely changed the way I organize and plan in my room! I always get new information and inspiration when I watch one of her webinars." -Shannon G.


This Webinar is a Must-Watch if

You find yourself constantly giving presentations on "easy" activities and you can't find time to get to the longer, more advanced lessons.

 ► Your students act "bored" and you're always scrambling to come up with brand new activities to keep them engaged.

  You get lost down the Pinterest/Instagram rabbit hole and emerge hours later with nothing to show for it.

  You get distracted by the shiny ideas online and are worried you're losing sight of the needs of the actual children in your environment!

"I get sidetracked and my mind wanders when I start searching on the internet for some guidance or help with activities, tasks, or printables. I get overwhelmed with all the information that is out there. I waste hours looking for different things that I need/want. After I took this webinar, I felt a sense of pressure lift from me. I felt like this was something I could really follow and use all the advice that was given to me. This is doable and manageable for me. I feel like everything is in one spot that I need to stay organized and find everything I need to help the children in my care." -Theresa S.


Webinar Agenda 

▶︎ Welcome

▶︎ Why you may need to rotate materials

▶︎ How to plan your rotations

▶︎ How to organize your materials 

▶︎ Shelf tour of activities

▶︎ Introduction to the Hands on Kids Activities Club

▶︎ Q & A

TIME: 60 Minutes + Q&A


"Wow! My creative juices and ideas are flowing again after watching this, thanks Seemi!" -Rijke C. 


Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Is this webinar right for me?
A: This webinar is best for teachers at the early childhood level (ages 3-6). It's not strictly for Montessori teachers... so please join us regardless of the type of educational approach you use! We'll be talking about super practical strategies that can be applied in most settings. We do not recommend that parents attempt to replicate this process at home.  If you are a parent or homeschooler, you will need to adapt these strategies in order to apply them at home.

Q: Will I get a certificate for professional development hours?
A: Certificates are not provided with our free webinars.

Q: What time is the webinar in my country?
A: You can use a time zone converter to see what time the webinar time slots are in your area.

Q: None of the time slots work for me. What can I do?
A: Go ahead and register for any of the time slots! We'll send you a replay link once the webinar is over and you can watch it at your convenience. But please note that the replay link will expire on Feb 25.

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Seemi Abdullah

Seemi holds a Master's degree in education, and an AMS Early Childhood credential.  She has twenty years of experience in Montessori as a teacher, school administrator, and school owner. She is the founder of

This free webinar is sponsored by the Hands-On Kids Activities Club.