How to Teach Reading Q&A

Answering your questions about the path to reading success

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Webinar Host Seemi Abdullah

Seemi holds a Master's degree in education from Harvard University, and an AMS Early Childhood credential.  She has over twenty years of experience in Montessori as a teacher, school administrator, and school owner. She is the founder of

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Feeling overwhelmed with all the reading materials on your shelves?

Not sure how to start teaching reading?

Getting mixed messages about the "right" way to teach reading?

If you work with 3-6 year olds and are struggling with teaching reading, please join us for this free webinar to get your questions answered!



Q: What happens if I can't attend at the published time?

A: No problem! I'll have a free replay for everyone who registers. You'll have 5 days to watch the replay.

Q: How long is the webinar?

A: The webinar is approximately 60 minutes.

Q: Can I get a certificate of attendance for this webinar?

A: We do not issue certificates/documentation for our free webinars.

Q: Can you talk about teaching upper elementary students?

A: I'm afraid I don't have experience with elementary students and will not be able to advise you. However, any questions about beginning reading skills are welcome!

Q: Can you talk about teaching reading in Spanish (or other language)?

A: I don't have experience with teaching reading in other languages, so this webinar will be specifically about teaching reading in English. However, you are welcome to ask questions about pre-reading and other skills that support reading development in any language.

Q: I have a 14 month old child. Is this a good webinar for me?

A: This webinar is best for educators working with children between the ages of 3-6.