How to Teach Reading Q&A

Answering your questions about the path to reading success


In this free webinar, Seemi Abdullah will be answering questions submitted by readers about how to set the foundation for reading.



▶︎ Understanding the big picture

▶︎ Concept development, visual readiness, and oral language

▶︎ Phonological and phonemic awareness

▶︎ The symbol-sound connection

▶︎ Systematic reading instruction

▶︎ Motivation and problems


This webinar will help address some of the common mistakes made by teachers and parents with beginning reading instruction, such as

✖︎ Jumping straight to teaching letters before laying a solid foundation of pre-literacy skills.

✖︎ Using objects with Sandpaper Letters too soon. (Objects should not be part of your introduction to the sandpaper letters!)

✖︎ Using the Movable Alphabet mostly for practicing word families (The MA is the gateway to reading and word families alone will not unlock that door!)

✖︎ Having too many reading materials on the shelves. (This is extremely common and leads to overwhelm for both the teacher and the child.)

✖︎ Believing that children will "figure it out" if they are exposed to enough quality books and given enough time. (Some will, but most won't.)



▶︎ You have been feeling overwhelmed with all the reading materials on your shelves

▶︎ You're not sure if there are holes in your early literacy program

▶︎ You've been getting mixed messages about the "right" way to teach reading


About the Presenter

Seemi Abdullah holds a Master's degree in education from Harvard University, and an AMS Early Childhood credential.  She has over twenty years of experience in Montessori as a teacher, school administrator, and school owner. She is the founder of


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What happens if I can't attend at the published time?

A: No problem! I'll have a free replay for everyone who registers. You'll have 5 days to watch the replay.

Q: How long is the webinar?

A: The webinar is approximately 60 minutes.

Q: Can I get a certificate of attendance for this webinar?

A: We do not issue certificates/documentation for our free webinars.

Q: Can you talk about teaching upper elementary students?

A: I'm afraid I don't have experience with elementary students and will not be able to advise you. However, any questions about beginning reading skills are welcome!

Q: Can you talk about teaching reading in Spanish (or other language)?

A: I don't have experience with teaching reading in other languages, so this webinar will be specifically about teaching reading in English. However, you are welcome to ask questions about pre-reading and other skills that support reading development in any language.

Q: My child is younger than 24 months. Is this a good webinar for me?

A: This webinar is best for educators working with children between the ages of 3-6, but some of the pre-literacy and oral language suggestions are applicable to older 2s.