Science Experiments: Maria Montessori’s Vision for Science as Practical Life

When should you start introducing “science”?

What does science education look like in Montessori?


In this webinar, Zoe and Letty Rising explore how the process of experimentation relates to practical life and supports executive functioning skills as you move from the first plane of development into the second. 

You will understand how to set-up your science shelf so that you can continue to support the sensorial understanding, motor control, and independence your children have developed while also fostering their executive functioning skills, critical thinking, and imagination. 



• When does scientific exploration begin?

• How can you support scientific thinking and learning during the early years (and beyond)? 

• When does practical life move from informal exploration and observation to formal scientific inquiry and experimentation? How do the activities and materials presentation change?

• Why is experimentation so important and relevant in the elementary years?

• Montessori science resources



▶︎ You work with children ages 5-12.

▶︎ You want to tap into your young learners’ naturally scientific minds.

▶︎ You want to introduce more scientific experimentation and investigation into your learning space in a Montessori way.


Webinar length: 55 minutes



Letty and Zoe Rising are a mother-daughter team with a passion for Montessori, and a passion for science.

Zoe’s specialty is transforming Montessori science education into entertaining exploration with The Montessori Laboratory, an online Montessori science program based on the physical geography lessons and experiments. She holds a B.S. in Biology from UCLA and enjoys finding innovative ways to share her love of science with others. She started as a young Montessorian scouring the house for scraps of material to conduct her own “personalized” experiments, and eventually became the “go-to” for giving science lessons when she assisted in a Montessori elementary classroom.

Letty is an International Montessori consultant. She holds an AMI elementary diploma for ages 6-12 and an M.Ed from Loyola University in Maryland. She has held positions as a Montessori Elementary Teacher, Education Coordinator, Homeschool Education Specialist, and Head of School in several different Montessori communities over the years. 


Q: What happens if I can't attend at the published times?
A: No problem! We will send you a  free replay link as soon as your session ends. Please note: the replay link will expire 7 days after the event.

Q: How long is the webinar?
A: The webinar is 55 minutes.

Q: Can I get a certificate of attendance for this webinar?
A: A certificate is not available for attending/watching this webinar.

Q: What age group is this applicable for?
A: This webinar is ideal for the Montessori elementary level (ages 6-12) but some of the concepts will apply to your older primary students/children as well.

Q: Can I ask questions during the webinar?
A: No, we will not be taking questions during this webinar.

Q: Is this appropriate for parents?
A: Yes. Parents and homeschoolers will be able to use many of the suggestions from this webinar in a home setting.